Research Methodology

Definition of Research

Research can be defined as a systematic and organized inquiry conducted to advance knowledge, solve problems, or explore new ideas. It involves the gathering and analysis of relevant data to develop a better understanding of a particular topic or phenomenon.

Research often follows a structured approach, including the formulation of research questions or hypotheses, designing research methods, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on the findings. It can be quantitative or qualitative in nature, or a combination of both.

The primary purpose of research is to generate new knowledge, contribute to existing knowledge, or address specific issues or gaps in understanding. Through research, scholars, scientists, and professionals seek to uncover hidden truths, test theories, validate assumptions, or propose alternative solutions to complex problems.

Quantitative Research is a systematic method used to gather and analyze numerical data and find patterns, correlations, and relationships. It involves a structured and rigid approach to data collection and analysis, allowing researchers to generate objective and generalizable findings. This type of research is commonly used in fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, and biomedical sciences, where numerical data is crucial for drawing conclusions and making predictions. In this section, we will discuss the key characteristics, methods, and advantages of quantitative research. Table of Contents